The Ides of March

I would never say that The Ides of March is a forgettable film but while I was watching it, it became increasingly clear that I had seen it before, and forgotten it. As each scene played out I thought, “oh, yes, I remember this,” but had no idea what was coming next until the last ten minutes or so when all my memories coalesced.

It’s a quiet film, of a high enough quality to never outstay its welcome or annoy, but not quite high enough to demand you remember it. Everyone is good in it, but not quite as good as they are in something else. There are some nice shots. The writing is fine. It’s probably a bit too neat, as a story, but the journey from start to finish is enjoyable enough. I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again but then I probably said that last time. Who knows.

the score:

each blu-ray gets a score: the amount of money I can sell the blu-ray for in pence (up to a maximum of a pound) multiplied or divided by its ‘suckiness score’. The suckiness scale is as follows: The film is amazing = x3, It is good enough to keep = x2, It is ok, but not good enough to keep = x1, It is quite bad = ÷2, It is very bad indeed = ÷4 = It is unforgivably bollocks ÷6, It is as bad as I, Frankenstein = ÷7, It is worse than I, Frankenstein = ÷8.

There is no point keeping The Ides of March. Let fate push it toward me again. So, 17p x 1 = 17. Top of the leader board.


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